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Four Reasons Virtual Photography Should Be Part of Your Web Design

Read More 11 Oct 2022
Virtual Photography Services

How the Pandemic increased demand for Virtual Photography Services

Read More 17 Aug 2022

7 Reasons to Redesign your eCommerce Website

Read More 06 Jan 2022

Let’s talk Captcha

Read More 28 Dec 2021
Optimize your website

8 tips to Optimize your Website’s content

Read More 17 Dec 2021

Designing Virtual Photography Scenes

Read More 11 Oct 2021

7 Reasons to Redesign your eCommerce Website

7 Reasons to Redesign your eCommerce Website.  Accessibility Speed Security Bounce Rate Competition SEO Improved Technology    ACCESSIBILITY  According to Outerbox, more than 40% of purchases were made on a smartphone during the 2018 holiday season. And to be more current, in the last six months, 79% of smartphone users have purchased using their mobile […]

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06 Jan 2022

Let’s talk Captcha

Let’s talk CAPTCHA   CAPTCHA, short for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, is used to determine whether the user on your website is human or not. Its purpose is to stop spam and protect your website from possible attackers.   Where do you encounter CAPTCHA?   When filling out […]

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28 Dec 2021

Progressive Web Applications; Changing the way your audience interacts

Progressive Web Applications are changing the way your audience interacts. Keeping them engaged and informed with push notifications. Driving up their productivity with speed. And most importantly, giving them the content they want whenever they need it.

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17 Aug 2021

Visual Configurators in eCommerce

Visual Configurators in eCommerce     The eyes.  Shakespeare said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. And it’s true because your eyes are the key to building desire. Engrossing yourself in a book, picking out an outfit, engaging with media, and anything else you do throughout your day. Science confirms that your […]

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17 Aug 2021
Virtual Reality Services

Augmented Reality and the Future of Furniture Business

Augmented Reality and the Future of Furniture Business Throughout the history of our market economy, the driving force behind any significant transformation of any given sector has been technological innovations. E-commerce is currently in the beginning phases of one such transformation. In this case, the driving force is Virtual Reality (AR). According to leading IT […]

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01 Apr 2020

Upgrading Your Website Platform

Before we get into the benefits of upgrading your platform, let’s first discuss what this means. A website platform includes an operating system, a web server, a database server and a host of tools and libraries that support the language the website is written in. Here at Jola Interactive, we’re mostly focused on developing Magento […]

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09 Jan 2018
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