Let’s talk Captcha

28 Dec 2021

Let’s talk CAPTCHA


CAPTCHA, short for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, is used to determine whether the user on your website is human or not. Its purpose is to stop spam and protect your website from possible attackers.


Where do you encounter CAPTCHA?


When filling out a form or creating an account, you’ve probably encountered a CAPTCHA. You need to decode and enter a string of distorted numbers and letters into a prompt box. Correct entry means access. And incorrect means denial. 

This program worked well for a long time, but eventually, the bots outsmarted the system. Research determined that bots had a 99.4% success rate when deciphering and entering distorted text. While humans only had a 33% success rate, the CAPTCHA was doing the opposite of its original intention. 

Enter Google’s reCAPTCHA in 2014!

Recaptcha gave prompts to users based on their interactions on the web page and their mouse movements. reCaptcha was built to identify the difference between human movements and bots. It displays a prompt and checkbox- and once they take the desired actions, users get another set of instructions involving identifying squares that host a specified image.  

This has proven to be highly effective in deterring spam.

So, here’s the big question, do you need CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA on your eCommerce website?

The answer is undeniable; yes, you need all the security you can get.  Cyber-attacks, copycat sites, and data hackers have become some of the biggest obstacles for online businesses and consumers. Therefore, consumers put a lot of stock into a company that takes the extra step to secure their personal information. After all, you wouldn’t want to live in a house with no locks on the doors. 


How do you add reCAPTCHA to your eCommerce website?

eCommerce platforms like WordPress and Magento have purchasable extensions. Front-end developers can install all these in no more than a few hours.



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