8 tips to Optimize your Website’s content

17 Dec 2021

8 Tips to Optimize your Website’s content 


  1. Be descriptive
  2. Use text
  3. Optimize your images 
  4. Stay on Topic
  5. Build site authority
  6. Be detailed
  7. Update
  8. Stay on trend


Targeted Page Titles

When building your Website, be sure to have descriptive, targeted Page Titles. Put different services, products, and topics on separate pages. Why? Because having a clear, targeted topic helps search engines identify your content and the related information on each page. It’s the first line of defense used to Optimize your content.


Use Text

Video, gifs, and audio are excellent additions to your Website; they show your versatility and your ability to utilize different kinds of media to communicate with your audience. However, too much of a good thing can be bad! Search engines can’t recognize the content in videos. So be sure to add the necessary text that states and describes the topic of your content. 


Optimize images 

No website consists of only text. And the truth is, your images can work for you just as hard as your copy does. You just need to Optimize! Compress your images, use alt-text, add captions, and of course, use relevant images.


Stay on Topic

Using unnecessary descriptive words to fill space can negatively impact your Website. Instead, you should ditch the fluff! Stay on topic with all of your Website’s copy. Whether for blog posts, the about us page, or product and service descriptions, always be direct with your information. 


Build Site authority

99.7% of websites don’t appear in the first five pages of a google search for an unbranded keyword. And that’s because they lack Site authority which refers to the number of backlinks that your Website has. Backlinks tell search engines that your Website is an excellent place to go for certain information. A great way to get backlinks would be to Guest blog, blog, and build relationships with websites that have a high site authority, meaning they rank within the first three pages of a google search.


Be Detailed

 Establishing your expertise on a specific topic is best to become a high-ranked thought leader on search engines. 



Search engines show users the most relevant, recently available information on the topic they’re searching for. That’s why it’s important to make consistent updates to your Website’s content, namely your blog! Revising old blog posts and updating them with new information and publish dates tells search engines that your content is relevant, recent, and up to date. 


Stay on trend

Seasons change, and so do your deals, discounts, seasonal offers, and articles. Be clear about featuring the items you have available in the right season.






Written by Teace Findlay

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