About Jola

Passion comes in all forms

Founded in 2010, our mission at Jola is to create best of breeds solution designed to help our clients grow

Curiosity, purpose & passion

We are composed of an interdisciplinary mix of strategy, creative, UX design, visual design, creative technologies and engineering teams

We’re not only a web development company, we’re also a marketing agency that works on branding initiatives, catalog designs, photo realism and advertising campaigns. Our interdisciplinary experiences mean a website that not only functions well, it also means a well thought out creative solution that is business smart

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This is our dedicated team who works together day­-in and day­-out to create amazing projects for a digitally connected world

300 +
Successful solutions
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Years of experience
Jovan Damjanovic
Jovan Damjanovic Frontend Developer
Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic Frontend Developer
Dusan Djordjevic
Dusan Djordjevic Frontend Developer
Marija Stankovic
Marija Stankovic Developer Trainee
Anastasija Marelj
Anastasija Marelj Developer Trainee
Nikola Ristic
Nikola Ristic Developer Trainee
Aleksa Zdravkovic
Aleksa Zdravkovic Developer Trainee
Milica Ognjanovic
Milica Ognjanovic Human Resources
Uros Djordjevic
Uros Djordjevic Backend Developer
Dimitrije Peric
Dimitrije Peric Frontend Developer
Zivota Zivkovic
Zivota Zivkovic Frontend Developer
Sasa Paunkovic
Sasa Paunkovic Backend Developer
Radosav Brajic
Radosav Brajic CTO
Miona Djordjevic
Miona Djordjevic Office Manager
Nebojsa Blagojevic
Nebojsa Blagojevic System Administrator
Nikola Cvetkovic
Nikola Cvetkovic QA Tester
Nikola Milev
Nikola Milev Frontend Developer
Milos Acimovic
Milos Acimovic UX/UI Designer
Marina Ristic
Marina Ristic Frontend Developer
Miljan Colovic
Miljan Colovic Backend Developer
Milic Stankovic
Milic Stankovic Backend Developer
Marija Zivkovic
Marija Zivkovic Account Management Director
Irena Ignjatovic
Irena Ignjatovic Account Manager
Biljana Josifov
Biljana Josifov Frontend Developer
A culture based on collaboration

Each one of our team members has spent years working with brands of all sizes on their strategic marketing needs, technology solutions, and creative services. We’ll ask the right questions about your online business requirements and there won’t be much of a learning curve for us when it comes to understanding your business practices and how to replicate them effectively online

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