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Jola is built on a culture of collaboration, with a strong focus on teamwork, which is cultivated on ever-growing passion and drive. At Jola, our teams are made up of individuals who are unique, talented, and driven experts, who strive each day to be better than their last and to learn more than they knew before.

With such a passion for learning, Jola is revered as a knowledge-sharing hub that seeks to build on each individual. Resulting in better communication, better solutions, and better people. Because at Jola, we value you, and we want every person to realize and ultimately surpass their personal best.


Why us?

For over 12 years, Jola has grown and evolved. Transforming ourselves from a marketing agency, into a pioneer of B2B eCommerce solutions, sophisticated custom-built Product Configurators, stunning Lifestyle photography, Product Rendering, Animations, and futuristic technology such as PWA and Augmented Reality. As a leading Adobe Commerce Partner, Jola has built an ironclad reputation that stands firm on the ethics, and attitude of its outstanding employees.

When you’re a part of the Jola team, you’re allowed the room to grow, explore, and contribute your unique problem-solving techniques to a base that breeds innovation. We value enthusiastic, forward-thinking people who are always looking to learn more, and whose personal motto positions them as an individual who is passionate about the work they do.


The Process

CV screening

Upon receiving your application, we review your CV and all other documents which were provided

HR interview

Let's get acquainted. Tell us about yourself and ask any questions you have about Jola

Technical Interview

Brain dive with an expert in your field in a One on One setting where you are individually assessed


Once it's mutual, you can get started with the onboarding process and fall in love with the Jola community

Job Openings

Senior React Developer
Nis, Serbia
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Senior Magento Backend Developer
Nis, Serbia
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Jola Training Program

JTP is a paid traineeship program that offers Students, Fresh Graduates, and Junior Developers the opportunity to learn and develop their skills, work on real projects, and get their Magento certification, all under the mentorship of experienced Senior Developers.

Learn more about JTP
Sending in an application does not always mean getting an interview right away, but with Jola, there is always the future. Send us your CV so you can be at the front of the line when a position in your field becomes available.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have an Internship Program?

    Yes. Our Niš office organizes a training program called Jola Training Program (JTP), which is focused on training people in both Backend and Frontend technologies. The program lasts 9 months and consists of theoretical and practical learning. With knowledge sharing from Jola’s experienced developers and technical leads. For more information about the program, check out the JTP page.

    What will the Jola Career path look like?

    Once onboarded, you will be allowed a learning period where you will work in a team that will add to your growth through knowledge and experience sharing. This support is continuous! And as Jola is built around collaboration, employees are always in an environment where they can ask for and give help—allowing for an ever-supportive learning system that consistently adds value to every individual.

    What does Jola do as a company?

    At Jola, we are focused on creating custom B2B/B2C eCommerce solutions for our clients primarily in North America. For over a decade, we have provided our services to clients in the Furnishings, Home Decor, Real Estate, and Senior Living industries. Our custom eCommerce solutions are specifically tailored to each client’s business model, delivering a sales tool created from expertise and experience in their niche to help drive sales and positively increase brand value.

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