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Product Rendering Service

Jola specializes in producing 3D product rendering for marketing, sales communication, websites, videos, virtual environments, and catalogs. We’re able to create photo-realistic images from sketches, CAD’s, or even drawings affordably. 

Adoption of 3D modeling and rendering services can serve as a permanent solution and replacement for traditional photographic processes by providing the following opportunities:




Change covers, scenes, and styles without costly physical build-outs and mistakes


Faster Speed To Market

Create photography before your products are even built for faster sales and presentations


Lower Costs

Rending products and creating virtual photoshoots are far more economical than paying for the creation of sets and lifestyle photography. No shipping of furniture, and no need for the physical products


Higher Conversion Rate

Studies have proven that multiple photos of products and 360 degree spins on eCommerce sites create higher conversion rates than single photos


Replacement of Traditional Studio Methods

The ultimate replacement of traditional studio/vignette shoots leading to greater customization and flexibility at lower costs

Product Gallery

Jola 360 Player

Jola’s 360 degree player provides you with the capability of showcasing your products in a 360 degree carousel so that your customers can view all of their details: front, side and back. Viewers can select all of the options that your products are available with and quickly see the changes applied.

Product Multiple Options Showcase

Increase your sales by displaying your products in all of their configurable options including colors, finishes, and hardware without the need for any photography. Simply provide your finish samples and a product drawing and we’ll do the rest!

FINISH - bone oak


  • P016 P016
  • P026 P026
  • P036 P036
  • P046 P046
  • P056 P056

HARDWARE FINISH - antique brass

  • antique brass antique brass
  • antique silver antique silver
  • polished nickel polished nickel

How it Works



Provide us with your sketches, photos, sample drawings or CAD’s and a description of the products. 



We can work with high res images of your colors and textures or  you can send us the actual samples and we will photograph them and scan them. We’ll send them right back when we’re finished with them. 



Our engineers will build a 3D model of your products using software including Maya, 3DS Max and Adobe Photoshop.



Once models are completed, we will apply textures. This work requires talented designers that have an eye for detail so that the textures, lighting, and proper perspectives are applied. 

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