Building a Dynamic eCommerce Website for Pacific Coast Lighting

12 Mar 2024
Retail & E-commerce


Client Overview:

Pacific Coast Lighting is a family-owned business founded in 1979 and headquartered in Southern California. They supply top-quality designer portable lighting to the largest retail chains and lighting department stores in the US. With showroom locations at High Point Market and Las Vegas Market, PCL has established itself as a leader in the lighting industry.


Discovering the Challenge:

  • Pacific Coast Lighting faced a pressing challenge as their existing website platform was nearing expiration, leaving them in urgent need of a robust and stable online solution within a tight timeframe. This compelled them to seek a reliable partner capable of delivering a new, feature-rich website on a more sustainable platform to ensure uninterrupted online operations and future scalability.
  • The PCL team’s priority was to elevate its online presence to match its brand identity. They felt that their older website lacked the user experience that would wow their target audience and give them an edge over the competition, and to achieve this, they invested in high-quality photoshoots and lookbooks. They wanted a website that matched this quality.



  • Some of their needs from this project with Jola included upgrading their website to a modern new platform, implementing key features such as overhauled product data, stock details and ERP integrations so that products, inventory, customer-specific information, and orders would sync back and forth between the ERP and the website seamlessly and continuously.

  • They were also looking for continued support and website maintenance.
  • The long-term goal was to expand their reach beyond already engaged customers


The Evaluation/Selling Point:

  • The PCL team was already working with an agency at the time they approached Jola, however, they were looking for a better quality of service than their current partners offered. Specifically, they wanted to work with a partner that had the technical expertise to build a powerful website on a leading platform like Adobe Commerce, while also elevating the visual experience, thus allowing them to capture more customers online.
  • While PCL was evaluating a few other industry leaders in the PWA space as well, they found Jola’s pricing to be the most competitive.
  • Most importantly, they were reassured by the Jola team’s expertise in the Home Furnishings industry and portfolio of websites that Jola designed and built for some of the biggest names in the furnishings industry. Their decision was validated by many within the industry who vouched for the brand’s quality of service and reputation.


“Given the short timeline from the moment the contract was signed to website launch, there were growing pains within our company as to how to work with an agency to build our website from scratch and given everything, we’re proud and believe we chose the right agency to help us develop the site. Things I wish we had done or planned differently looking back in hindsight, but overall we’re very pleased with the outcome and the dedication from the Jola team to ensure this site was not only up and running on time but was designed with intention. Hoping the close relationship and support continue through monthy maintenance as we are eager to continue improving the site. Something the previous agency lacked and fell short on their commitments.”

Rachel (Sevilla) Teebken, Marketing Manager



The Solution: Features of the new PCL Website

After this project, the result has been a new Pacific Coast Lighting website with a visual appeal and brand alignment that differentiates it from competitors.



  • The website is built on Adobe Commerce’s Open Source platform. All product data is updated to Magento through a custom interface via integrations. The website is also fully integrated with their ERP AS400, as well as Epsilon Harmony for email marketing.
  • Since PCL’s target audience is primarily B2B customers, (including designers, architects, contractors, furniture stores, home staging businesses, lighting stores, retailers, interior design firms, and online retail establishments), the website has been built to cater to such audiences, with features such as custom pricing, favorite lists, etc



  • In line with their branding goals, the new homepage features sliders showcasing their collections with all important product information to enhance user experience



  • A custom-built feature important to the PCL team involved temporary login access for prospective buyers while they considered becoming active customers. This allows them a 10-20 day trial period of access to the complete PCL experience.
  • The website also prominently highlights the longstanding partnership between Kathy Ireland and PCL through a dedicated section showcasing products in a visually appealing and easily accessible manner. Customers can explore a range of exclusive designs endorsed by Kathy Ireland, adding a touch of prestige and sophistication to the overall shopping experience.




In conclusion, the partnership between Pacific Coast Lighting and Jola Interactive led to the successful development of a website that effectively reflects PCL’s brand identity and enhances user engagement. This collaboration underscores the importance of strategic alignment and dedication in achieving mutual goals.

Rachel (Sevilla) Teebken, Marketing Manager at Pacific Coast Lighting said the following when asked about her experience of working with Jola:

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