7 Reasons to Redesign your eCommerce Website

06 Jan 2022

7 Reasons to Redesign your eCommerce Website. 

  1. Accessibility
  2. Speed
  3. Security
  4. Bounce Rate
  5. Competition
  6. SEO
  7. Improved Technology 



According to Outerbox, more than 40% of purchases were made on a smartphone during the 2018 holiday season. And to be more current, in the last six months, 79% of smartphone users have purchased using their mobile device. These stats strongly advocate why a traditional eCommerce website needs to enhance its accessibility. With a controlling percentage of consumers using their mobile device for eCommerce, rebuilding your site to be mobile-friendly or having it rebuilt as a Progressive web application is a step in the right direction. 



Users lose interest if a webpage takes more than 3 seconds to load. It’s a hard pill to swallow when you consider just how short a time 3 seconds is. However, consumers expect their browser to have an almost instantaneous reaction, and the longer it takes for a product or image to load, the more frustrated a user becomes. It causes them to lose interest in your products and trust in your Brand. Newer technology, such as PWA, has become the answer to this speed issue, allowing customers to view pages in a fraction of a second. An impressive turn away when 3 seconds is all it takes to lose a sale. 



Data breaches, hacks, stolen bank information, and funds- all of these are some of the serious issues that online users face regularly. So, if they’re going to buy something online, they need to know that their personal information is safe and secure. Most browsers even tell you when you’re about to access a website that isn’t secure. Upgrading your website security by implementing a firewall, encrypting your data on your website, and using reCAPTCHA are all excellent ways to show users that they’re safe when browsing, and especially when purchasing on your eCommerce website. 



High bounce rates indicate that users visit your website and quickly leave after viewing just one page, an undesirable statistic for an eCommerce website. However, there’s not just one reason for high bounce rates; it can be a combination of things. Poor landing page design, expired offers, moved or broken page links, slow pages or images, too many ads, misleading information, etc. The best way to pinpoint the issue while preparing for the site redesign would be to analyze the data from analytics software. Analytics play a significant role in gaining data about website traffic, and it’s the best line of defense when trying to understand the metrics you’re trying to optimize.



Nothing says staying ahead of the game like a redesign- but it should have a purpose. In the eCommerce industry, you should always pay attention to your competitors. Checking the trends, the technology, and most importantly, the mistakes made. What your competitors do can tell you a lot about what your audience wants and doesn’t want and allows you to adjust to fit their needs. 


  • SEO

Your SEO is one of the greatest deciding factors in ranking on search engines. It is the driving factor behind how your customers find you and your products. Having up-to-date information, accurate descriptions, current posts, and recently updated content, whether seasonal or topical, ensures that Google can properly crawl your website and display the most relevant and recent information to customers. Learn more about how to improve your content for SEO 


Technology is constantly changing, and the best changes are the ones that increase our productivity and keep us engaged. PWA,  (Progressive web applications) are a fast-evolving and revolutionary solution to M-Commerce (eCommerce done on Mobile devices). PWA is the only choice for website redesign with Offline capabilities, ridiculously fast loading speeds, native app-like characteristics, and user-friendly notifications. It increases user engagement, customer retention and has proven to be a driving factor in increasing sales. 


Jola is a North American Web Development company specializing in Magento B2B and B2C Commerce and PWA. Redesigning your website is a necessary step to take in your business’s journey, and with so many positive immediate impacts, why wait? Connect today.






Written by Teace Findlay

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