How the Pandemic increased demand for Virtual Photography Services

17 Aug 2022

Over two years since the SARs 2 COVID-19 virus set the world on fire. Since then, 6.43 million people have died. And as the virus mutates, there seems to be no end to the modern-day plague that shut down the world’s most famous cities for months. 

However, even with the tragedies that continue to ravage our planet, it seems that a sliver of a silver lining is keen on keeping select others in good spirits. 

Though COVID-19 negatively impacted many businesses, some industries were able to take advantage of lockdowns and 6 feet distance requirements. The eCommerce industry may have been the biggest beneficiary, as eCommerce sales increased by over 43% within the first year of covid

With an increased demand for stores accessible at your fingertips and guidelines restricting gatherings, An already expanding service was sought out with vigor. 

We’re talking Virtual Photography

How has Virtual Photography impacted businesses?


Using CGI to create virtual representations of products, placed in settings and with different configurations, changed- not only how businesses were able to market. But also their ability to rapidly increase revenue with low initial costs. Enabling risk-free preorders, advancing focus groups to test customer sentiment, lowering marketing costs, and creating engagement with interactive scenes. A way to test, showcase, customize, and reuse, meeting all the needs at an affordable price. 

With another recession firmly gripping the economy. And inflation driving up everything from Rent to Gas; everyone is looking for an out. Or rather, an In. A way into the eCommerce industry. Many businesses had already switched their operations to being online during the pandemic. And when the world was resuming some semblance of normalcy, began to reopen their physical storefront. 

However, that was short-lived. 

Post-pandemic costs had skyrocketed, leaving businesses with much higher advertising and marketing costs that led to higher product costs to offset the increased expenditure. It became quickly apparent that the customer was suffering, and if the customers suffer, then so does your business. 

Virtual Photography is king. It has proven to be cost-effective, fast, and reusable. And a service that works alongside your brand strategy to maximize your business’s success. 

And as many businesses have found, moving operations online effectively keeps and expands their customer base, all while having a reasonable budget and materials that continue to work for them in a variety of settings and situations. 

The world is continuously growing into a system that values technology and accessibility. And with eCommerce being dependent on these features, you shouldn’t get left behind. 


Virtual Photography Services are here to stay.

For the last decade, talented CGI artists have refined their craft. Allowing the creation of scenes and products so hyper-photorealistic that they’re indistinguishable from actual Photography. And with COVID-19, MonkeyPox, and one thing after the next threatening the concept of direct human interaction, it is safe to say that Virtual Photography has become the future. 

Learn more about Virtual Photography with Jola. 


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