Virtual Photography

13 Sep 2021

CGI has opened the doors to not just product rendering but also to the creation of rooms, scenes, and anything else used to advertise through a process known as Virtual Photography. 


Traditional Photography is out

Ask yourself this question; How much does my business rely on the use of lifestyle and inspirational photography to present my products to customers?

If you’re in the furniture, lighting, hardware, and other products related to the furnishings industry, I’m going to guess your answer is; a lot. 

With the human eyes being the first line of defense, you want to make your products stand out in the best possible way. And since photography is cost-prohibitive and needs additional resources, it’s often difficult to create scenes for all of your products. 

There’s a lot that goes into Traditional Photography. Photographers, equipment, schedules, models, leasing/renting locations, print materials, and even redesigning the space for each particular shoot and product. These costs add up quickly, especially if you have a variety of products that need to be shot with their specific accent pieces and in different colors and lighting. Often, your products aren’t available in the various options you offer to your customers, which makes photographing them impossible. 

So how do you get around this?

Easy, Virtual Photography. 


Virtual Photography and its benefits 

 Virtual Photography is the creation of photorealistic scenes with 3D software that are often indistinguishable from the real thing. These scenes can range in size from vignettes to large environmental scenes. Indoor and outdoor settings all without any limitations. Scenes can be created in residential homes, hospitality settings, senior living facilities, commercial properties, and other locations that are difficult to photograph.

So, how can Virtual Photography benefit you and your business?

By using Virtual Photography, you substantially reduce your creative and photography costs. Providing you with previously unable opportunities and options that will increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and maximize the use of your sales tools.


How about time?

Time is of the essence when you’re trying to make sales. And having your photos ready faster means that your potential customers are able to get a look at your products before your competitions’, giving you an instant leg up in your industry.


Virtual Photography offers flexibility.

When you’re launching an Ad campaign, you need a large selection of creatives. Different scenes, on different backgrounds, in different sizes from different angles, to fit the limits of where you’re placing your ads. Whether it be on social media, or on the third page of a print magazine. By using Virtual Photography, you can order every kind of file you’d need upfront without second-guessing or reneging your previous order.


And of course, there’s speed.

Since everything is done virtually, you can rest assured that what you ordered will be done on time. And not just that, if there are changes that need to be made, a product placement that you don’t like, or an object that stands out awkwardly in the scene, you can have it removed, or altered to fit your needs in little to no time. In addition, there’s no need to scrap an entire file since each of these is editable and reusable. Meaning you can essentially switch out any or all of your products in an existing scene or setting for new ones. 


The most important thing.

Virtual photography helps bring your vision to life. Your goal is to capture the beauty and necessity of your company’s products and visually deliver it to your customers. By providing a mood/vision board, or creating one alongside a team of CGI experts, you’re able to breathe life into the scene in your head. All you need to do is provide your desired textures, finishes, and product models and everything will be virtually constructed. 

The end result is a stunning, indistinguishable realistic scene that showcases and highlights your products. 


With the covid-19 pandemic still holding the world in digital limbo, you should invest your efforts into Virtual Photography. It’s a smart and economical approach for your business. And thankfully, I know just the team for you. Jola Interactive has a team of CGI experts that creates amazing scenes to showcase their client’s products. They are a force when it comes to highlighting the beauty of products in a variety of industries. Home furnishings, Government facilities, Educational Institutions, Commercial, and even senior living. Contact them today to get started on wowing your customers into pressing buy.

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