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05 Oct 2021

Virtual staging is the key to selling homes in the modern world. And with the Covid-19 pandemic about to hit its second year, there’s more than one reason why Real Estate Agents are turning to this as their solution.

With continuous advancements in technology, CGI experts can change the way we see things.  Swapping out backgrounds, building three-dimensional interactive objects on a screen, and even decorating a house without ever setting foot inside or buying a piece of furniture. They’re able to create the most complex scenes using programs that are not only cost-effective but also fast, produce hyper photorealistic images and allow for edits at any time. 

And there’s more. 


Benefits of using Virtual Staging


  • Cost

Take a second to think about everything that goes into staging. Buying/Renting furniture. Moving. Professional photographers. Other professionals such as plumbers, masons, electricians, carpenters, e.t.c. The list might seem short, but the cost is high. By eliminating the need for equipment and additional personnel, each with their own specialty, you’re cutting your costs by more than 70%. And that is not a number to be frowned upon. 

CGI is the most cost-effective option when your goal is to showcase a property’s best features and get a potential buyer to close. 


  • Creativity

Let’s talk about the freedom of creativity. When someone is buying a home, they start to envision how they’ll make it look once they move in. The walls. The appliances, the fixtures, the floors. From top to bottom, they’re dreaming up ways to make the property uniquely theirs. However, most buyers find themselves stumped since they lack the creative know-how to actively put their vision in motion. 

Virtual staging allows you to give your buyer ideas—just one, or maybe twenty. By working with CGI experts, you can create multiple options. Change the color of the walls, turn hardwood floors into carpets, make the guest bedroom into a home gym. You can let your creativity run wild- allowing you to appeal to multiple buyer personas. And at the same time, giving you a leg up in communicating a vision and creating a positive emotion in your buyers. 


  • Visualization 

According to the National Association of Realtors, 82% of buyers said that a staged home made it easier for them to visualize themselves living there. In addition, studies show that 48% of homebuyers feel an impact when the living room is staged. Why? Because it’s where we spend most of our time. The living room is where memories are made, and if they can’t see themself creating memories with their family, they won’t feel the kind of connection they need to buy. 

And isn’t that what virtual selling is about? You want the buyer to be able to visualize what they desire. Just like using Visual Configurators in an eCommerce website, using Virtual Staging builds the desire and emotion that a potential buyer needs to purchase a home. 


  • Increased sales

A crazy 77% of Realtors said that they believed virtual staging helped them sell houses. That statistic speaks for itself. Realtors understand the market, and they have a deep understanding of their buyers and the process. By acknowledging the difference in sales from staged and unstaged homes, they’re able to draw a firm and positive conclusion that Virtual Staging works! 


  • Faster sales 

Homes are said to sell 73% faster when staged. What does that mean? Well, from entering the market to selling, the median is 70 days. So you do the math! Simply put- faster sales mean more opportunities. Virtual staging allows you to give your potential buyer all the options they need to make a decision quickly and in return, give you the ability to take on more projects which ultimately means more profit in less time.  A ratio that no one is mad about. 


In closing, what you need is Impact!

With almost everything happening on a digital scale, showcasing a property and getting a buyer to feel a connection becomes challenging without the right tools. But, by placing your needs into the hands of the experts at Jola Interactive, you can set yourself up for success. 

Create a mood board, collaborate on finishes, pick the lighting fixtures, and ultimately, build the most breathtaking scenery that gets your buyer to connect. That’s how Jola uses Virtual staging to bridge the gap between changed minds and closed deals—maximizing benefits for Agents and giving buyers the wealth of options they desire.

So contact Jola to sell more homes with Virtual Staging.





Written by: Teace Findlay

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