Advantages of Using CGI for Your Business

29 Jan 2020

An image is worth a thousand words. Advertisers use the power of images to connect with the audience and convey the intended message about a business. We often come across sleek and spotless photos in advertisements and wonder how can someone capture such a perfect shot. But most of the time, these images are not actual photographs, but computer-generated 3D images. 

Computer-generated Imagery (CGI) is quickly becoming the go-to tool for advertisers as advanced technology has made it more accessible and cost-effective. CGI offers endless opportunities for designers and artists to produce photorealistic images and enhance them to suit the needs of the advertisers. When compared to traditional photography, CGI offers many advantages to companies in terms of time and cost. Here are some advantages of using CGI for your business promotion. 

Advantages of Computer Generated Imagery

Reduction in Costs

CGI reduces advertising costs for business organizations. It eliminates the need to hire expensive crews for photography and videography. CGI is rendered using advanced software and technologies and hence does not require you to travel to exotic locations to get the perfect backdrop to photograph and film your products. CGI designers can add any location and backdrop to your products with the click of a mouse to make them look appealing to the audience. It reduces the logistics and travelling costs incurred for traditional photoshoots. 

Saves Time

CGI helps advertisers save time in creating campaigns and bringing them before the customers. There are no more delays due to bad weather, travel hassles and waiting for the perfect shot. CGI professionals can create the perfect image of a product and can add effects such as sun, rain, snow or clouds to the shot. They can also turn an imperfect shot into a perfect image by adding removing certain items. 

Helps to Impress the Viewers

The main objective of an advertising campaign is to impress the viewers and convert them into customers. CGI contributes to this objective by helping advertisers to come up with creative campaigns that provide a gratifying experience to the audience. It can be used to introduce prospective customers to the potential benefits of using your products. For example, if you are selling bedroom furniture, you can use CGI to produce the images and videos of artistically decorated bedrooms with your products and convey the message to the customers. 

Aids in Optimizing Your Website for eCommerce

Converting real photographs of products from PDF versions to thumbnail images for eCommerce websites is time-consuming and often does not provide the intended image quality. It is challenging to convert pictures of product labels, logos, and close-up pictures into thumbnail images. CGI, on the other hand, aids designers in creating perfect images in different sizes that add to the user experience of your eCommerce website

Decreases Time to Market

In some industries such as real estate, fashion and home decor, it is essential to deliver product imagery to the distributors before the final product is ready for sale. Computer Generated imagery can be used to create the products digitally for pre-product launches. This helps to procure orders from customers even before your product comes out for sale, and to test customer reaction and make necessary changes to the products. 

CGI can work wonders for real estate and interior design businesses. 3D product rendering with the use of CGI help to showcase the project specifications and amenities to the customers in an impressive manner to increase sales. 3D renderings are easy to follow for customers, who do not understand plans and blueprints. 

Produce Multiple Variants of Products

If your business produces multiple variations of the same product, photographing each product can be a time-consuming and costly affair. CGI can be effectively utilized to showcase the differences in color, style, texture, features of the different variants in an impressive and easy-to-understand manner. 

Increases the Brand Value

CGI helps to create better visuals and highly-impressive advertisement campaigns for multiple mediums. The use of high-quality computer-generated imagery provides a memorable viewing experience to the audience, no matter what media they are using to watch the ads. This, in turn, increases brand recall value and improves conversions. 

Endless Possibilities

Computer-generated imagery provides advertisers with endless opportunities to create more with less. It can be used to create environments and compositions, which are impossible through photography. There are no limitations to what one can achieve through computer imagery. High-quality CGI images are better than real photographs and convey your brand story effectively to the consumers. CGI images can be used for Virtual reality experiences, video tours of your project or website, and mobile applications, which help the customers to view and experience your products before making the purchase. 

Suitable for Multiple Platforms

Images produced through computer graphics can be used on multiple platforms. No matter whether your audience is viewing on a PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet, you can deliver the content with clarity and ease. Computer-generated images can add to the value of your content and increase audience engagement rate, which will, in turn, lead to increased conversions and sales.

Apart from marketing your products, CGI can be used for many other purposes across the product development life-cycle. You can develop the prototype of the product and explore the different features that can be incorporated, and the different variations that can be introduced. Moreover, the prototypes can be used to communicate the product specifications with the manufacturers. 3D rendering made through CGI can also be used to submit project reports for venture capitalists and banks. 

CGI is not only for movies, but can also be effectively used to create captivating advertisements and marketing campaigns for your business. Most of the leading companies have started using CGI in their ad campaigns and websites. Modern-day agencies prefer to use CGI because it offers flexible and scalable solutions to advertise your business on different platforms. 

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