Advantages of Using CGI

08 Sep 2021

An image is worth a thousand words. 

Advertisers use the power of images to connect with the audience and convey the intended message about a product or business. In our everyday lives, we often come across impressive images and marvel at the possibilities of how the photo was taken. However, most of the time, these images are not actual photographs; they’re Computer Generated Images. Computer-generated Imagery (CGI) is quickly becoming the go-to tool for advertisers as advanced technology has made it more accessible and cost-effective. CGI offers endless opportunities for designers and artists to produce the images they need to represent a product. And when compared to traditional photography, CGI offers a range of advantages.


Advantages of using CGI 

Cost Reduction

CGI reduces advertising costs for businesses by eliminating the need for additional costs, like hiring crews for photography, moving, and even staging.

Product rendering is done using advanced CGI, removing the need for travel, a photographer, and all the other costs that accompany this route. By using CGI, you can get the background you want, the lighting you want, and set the mood in the scene you want, all without the cost of execution in the real world. 

CGI maximizes your time

No need to cancel or reschedule a shoot due to bad weather, traffic, or factory delay. Instead, you can handle all aspects of ad production without ever leaving your desk. By communicating remotely with the CGI team, you can rest assured that you have an abundance of time to carry out additional tasks throughout your day without the stress of wondering if your ad material is ready. You can be quickly updated, communicate concerns, and check on progress without ever physically needing to leave your space. 

In addition, it also saves time when there are a lot of different options for one product. Simply rendering the color, texture, or shape digitally is much faster than waiting for each product to be physically built. 


User engagement and satisfaction

Your ad campaign has a goal; delight your audience so they can become customers. 

Using CGI to create amazing product images, interactive ads, virtual videos, and room scenes is an excellent way to showcase what your business has to offer. Giving your potential customers the ability to change, customize and interact with products ensures that they get a unique experience that leaves a lasting impression. Instilling the confidence they need to buy from you and become loyal customers who brag about your brand. 



In most industries, it’s essential to have digital renders even before the pre-production stage has begun. Visualizing the colors, combinations, and other physical features of a product can aid when doing market research, like through study groups. It’s also a great way to secure guaranteed revenue by taking advanced orders for products that haven’t been produced yet. 

And not just that, CGI can be useful in Real Estate. Selling a house has a lot to do with helping the potential buyer to envision themselves in the home. Using CGI to create lifelike room scenes for brochures allows real estate agents to have a leg up with enthusiastic buyers who have gotten a look at what their new home could look like. 

In that way, CGI helps create the emotion and desire that marketers need to sell the products their company is offering, no matter what it is. 

Increases the Brand Value

Though we wish it were different, your audience trusts what they see. They place value in the technology and quality of your products. And also the experience they have with your website.  

How fast your renders respond. If they’re able to view variations of products. If they’re able to interact with your products. 

By using CGI, you increase your brand value and trust your audience has in your website by giving them options, interaction, and full product comprehension. 


Using CGI has led to limitless possibilities.  Bringing scenes to life, turning a sunny day into a snowy oasis, morphing an armchair into a loveseat, the list goes on. With computer-generated imagery, the only limitations are the ones that you set. So why hold yourself back? 



Cross-Platform Compatibility 

The best thing about using CGI is its adaptive nature. When running a business, you need to think about every possible way your audience interacts with your eCommerce website. 

Cell phones, Tablets, and PCs are the three most commonly used mediums for interaction, with Cell phones (mobile) making up a large percentage of user interaction. 

That’s why it’s essential to have the ability to offer your audience the same or similar experience, no matter what they’re using. 

Consumers value familiarity. They love being able to experience a product or interact with a page in a known way. This ease of use creates trust, converts, and breeds loyalty. 


From start to finish, CGI can be woven into your business. Increasing productivity. Decreasing costs. Driving up sales. Reducing turnaround times. And most importantly, delighting your audience.

Jola Interactive is a North American company with an amazing team of CGI experts. They specialize in the furnishings and home decor industry, creating solutions for some of the biggest names in the USA. Contact them today for a free site evaluation to find out how you can bridge the gap with CGI.








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