Bridging The Gap Between In-Store And Online Sales For A Unified Buyer Journey for Palliser

12 Mar 2024
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Palliser Furniture, one of the largest manufacturers in the North American furniture market, sought to revolutionize the in-store experience for its customers visiting premium retail locations. Since building personalized pieces is core to their mission, they were looking to take their customers on an immersive journey through their extensive product line.

Finding a rare blend of expertise at Jola Interactive, combining 3D modeling, visual configurations services, custom application development, and Adobe Commerce solutions, they decided to partner with us to build the Palliser Interactive Designer–an in-store kiosk application to bridge the gap between in-store limitations and online potential, reshaping the retail landscape.


The Challenge:

  • As a brand, the Palliser team prides itself on its focus on personalizing pieces to fit the dreams and needs of its customers. However, their intricate customization options—ranging from recliner motions to diverse colors, shapes, sizes, fabrics, and more—challenged effective product showcasing.
  • They needed to optimize space and inventory, granting consumers in furniture retail stores the ability to select from the wide range of products and options available to them, surpassing hundreds of thousands of combinations.
  • Customers faced limitations in envisioning personalized furniture, having to rely on imagination without tangible representations. Rather than their customizability being an asset, Palliser and their retailers were losing out on sales opportunities when consumers weren’t able to visualize the options best suited to their needs.

The Evaluation/Selling Point:

  • While Palliser was evaluating a few other industry leaders in the visual configuration space as well, they were only able to offer one part of the whole program, such as 3D visualization.
  • Jola’s proposition outshone competitors by offering a rare all-inclusive approach that united 3D visualization, kiosk application development, and website integration seamlessly.
  • In contrast to competitors offering fragmented services, Jola’s comprehensive solution was not only cost-effective but also streamlined operations, significantly impacting overall costs for Palliser.


The Solution:

  • Implemented the ‘Palliser Interactive Designer’:
    • Jola developed a Retail Kiosk Application showcasing Palliser’s products and configurations, leveraging WordPress & Microsoft technologies to provide an interactive in-store experience. It is a one-of-a-kind touch screen incorporating 3D modeling technology, live pricing, and endless product details, which helps create a frictionless shopping experience for both the sales associate and the customer.


  • Visual Configurator Interface:
    • Integrated a cutting-edge WebGL-based 3D modeling interface for customers to explore and personalize furniture options.






  • User Management System for Kiosk & Website Integration:
    • Employed Magento & Adobe systems, enabling store owners to analyze inquiries, manage flexible pricing, and oversee inventory across English, French, and Spanish demographics.


  • Seamlessly linked the website’s inventory with Palliser’s ERP & PIM system for synchronized updates.



The Impact:

  • Rollout and Expansion:
    • The kiosks have been implemented in 56 locations across North America by November 2023, with ambitious plans to scale to 200 by the end of 2024.
  • Sales Surge:
    • Stores equipped with the kiosk witnessed an astonishing 49% increase in sales compared to those without, defying industry standards.
  • Positive Reception:
    • Resounding endorsements from stores, attributing heightened Palliser item sales to the game-changing customer experience delivered by Jola’s solutions.

“Our Design Center and Interactive Designer (kiosk application) have in many respects become the heartbeats of our studios. While we are always continuing to innovate and enhance its offering, the digital tool to date not only helps consumers visualize their upholstery configuration and options available, it helps train sales associates on the Palliser lineup and allows them to sell more confidently and efficiently.”

      Steve A., Chief Marketing Officer @ Palliser



Jola’s comprehensive approach not only addressed Palliser’s challenges but also significantly boosted sales, challenging the norms of traditional retail. By unifying the in-store and online realms, Jola and Palliser set a new benchmark for a seamlessly connected retail ecosystem, redefining the buyer journey and competition landscape within the industry.

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