5 Benefits of 3D Product Rendering for Furniture Business

27 Jan 2020

Furniture is an important part of any living or workspace. It comes in many varieties, with many functions. For those that sell, design, and manufacture furniture, it is important to be up-to-date not only in how you design and manufacture that furniture but in how it is presented to customers.

3D rendering is quickly becoming a major way of representing products online. It also has many benefits for designing and manufacturing those products. The benefits of 3D product rendering go all the way from design to selling the product, so using it in the furniture industry is going to be important in the years ahead.

1. Producing realistic product images without a photographer

If you are going to sell products online, you need to have an image of those products for your website. One way to get those pictures is to hire a photographer and studio to take pictures of all the products you are selling. Unfortunately, this is more than a one-time expense, but one that needs to be repeated every time you update your product list. Doing this costs a lot of money that reduces your profit margin.

3D rendering is the process of producing an image on a computer. Because of this, you do not need to pay for a studio or a photographer. Once you have the software, you can use it in the design, manufacturing, and sales phase, making the process less expensive and more productive.

It is also more powerful than a photograph because 3D rendering can be interactive. This means that at every stage, from design to sales, there can be an image that can be manipulated to see different angles and details. Try finding a photographer who can give you this kind of product. Yes, you can get multiple angles and use different resolutions, but this just raises the cost more for using a photographer.

 2. Allowing customers to see your future from all angles on your website

With more and more people are shopping online, having a highly interactive website to sell your products online is becoming more and more important. 3D rendering can give you a degree of interactive imagery that you cannot get from photographs. Yes, you can have multiple photographs from multiple angles, but you cannot rotate them. 3D product rendering allowed for full interaction between the customers and the image of the product. They can rotate it in any direction, enlarged and shrink it, almost anything they want to visually.

The type of interactivity that is possible with the 3D product rendering makes it a must for companies selling furniture online. Not only does this improve the shopping experience for the customer, but getting a complete view of the furniture will make the customer more likely to buy it. If the customer is in a store, they can look at it from any angle and even try it out. While they cannot try it out online, 3D rendering gives them the ability to see your product from every angle.

3. It makes the design phase of your furniture easier

3D rendering is beneficial in the design phase because you can see what the product will look like while you are designing it. In fact, most computer-aided design programs do 3D rendering. 3D product rendering also allows the product to be viewed from any angle during the design phase. This means that the designers can see the product as if it were sitting right in front of them while they are still designing it. This makes 3D rendering an indispensable design tool for furniture manufacturers.

When designing any product being able to see the results during the design process, make it easier and quicker. You can have the results in your head, but being able to see those results on your computer screen is a step above that. With furniture, you can even place it in a simulated room so that you get a better idea of how it will look in actual use. 3D rendering has many ways that it can enhance the design process. This includes being able to simulate the assembly process both at the factory and by the customer before the product is ever made.

4. It makes for simpler manufacturing at your plant

3D rendering makes manufacturing your products easier because you have a picture of what the product should look like. This means that all you need to do is reproduce the picture with the right dimensions, and you have the product. Furthermore, the workers can have access to the products they are working on from any angle as they are making it. This means that they can see how it should look and compare it to what they are making to see if they are putting it together correctly.

Once each item is assembled, all quality control needs to do is compare what they get to the picture of the product and see if they match. It makes the entire process of manufacturing and quality control easier and more accurate. This is because the employees can look at the product they are working on from any angle and check it for any defects much easier. 

The entire process of manufacturing a product from design, assembly and quality control benefits greatly from 3D rendering. It makes it possible for the entire process to be easier and more accurate because people can see what they are doing.

5. Making photorealistic images of furniture for future collections

Imagine that you have an opportunity to show off your entire upcoming product line, but there is a small problem. You have not actually built any of the furniture in that line. With 3D product rendering, all you have to do is boot up a computer and show the customer what is coming. That is one of the greatest advantages of 3D rendering. With it, you do not have to actually build a single piece of furniture before showing it to a customer. 

It gets even better than that because you do not even need a showroom and your sales team can carry around your entire product line on a flash drive. 3D rendering makes the otherwise difficult process getting customers to come to see your products easy because you can take the 3D rendered images of all your product lines past, present and future to the customer to look at. It also allows you to show off those lines of furniture to your customers online. This can be by way of your website or by sending them an email. Either way, you get your lines of furniture to the customer quicker and easier.

3D rendering is an excellent way of presenting your furniture products to your customers. It is less expensive than other ways, in part because it can be used in the entire process from design to selling. Jola Interactive can help you in a better way for your products to be designed, built and presented because 3D renderings do not need to be static images. They can be interactive presentations of your product that will get the attention of prospective customers to increase the likelihood that they will buy your product.

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