Reasons to choose Magento Open Source for eCommerce

03 Feb 2020

Magento  – your friend in hardships. It is going to help you succeed with the amazing features it has. And if we are talking about eCommerce – then you know that this is the option for you. It will help you sustain your online business in a way better manner than you had ever imagined.

We are sure you would want to know why it is that eCommerce remains our primary focus when it comes to utilizing the Magento platform. Thus, we have listed a few reasons down for you to trust Magento beyond words:

1. Bigger brands trust it – with the increasing use of smartphones, more and more people are shopping online through this medium. You might not have thought so – but there are bigger brands – like Samsung, Nike, Lenovo etc. –who trust Magento CMS. This may come as a surprise for you – but it is a fact and we hope that this bolsters the faith you have in this platform.

2. Open sourceYou know this is the major reason why most people even head to Magento in the first place. Once you have learned Magento  – you can make the best use out of it and we are sure you would be able to garner the best results for yourself. However, if you are too busy managing your business – you can always outsource your work or hire a professional who would help you develop a Magento website for your eCommerce platform.

3. Magento ’s second name is eCommerce – It is needless to say that Magento was developed in the first place so that it could support all kinds of eCommerce platforms. The power that Magento can confer to your business is unimaginable. You are most likely signing up for success and it is going to help you go a long way. The features and designs of this platform are enchanting – they will blow your mind and you would not be able to stop thinking about Magento (as soon as your eCommerce website development comes to your mind).

4. Load time Having mentioned the magic that Magento embodies, you must understand that this platform means great performance. If a website takes a lot of time to load – the customers are likely to leave it within no time because the attention span of the people has been divided. If not this then they will switch to something else. Thus, you have to ensure that you gather their attention and in a jiffy. Do you know how is that possible? Through Magento, because the load time is so low – you do not have to worry at all.

5. Task task, all the way – While you are working on Magento  – you must rest assured that you are not missing out on anything important. You are only signing up for the best time of your life, in terms of efficiency. Why? Because this platform is going to help you work on various tabs at the same time and you do not have to think twice that your time is being wasted. Magento would save your time, at best, and meanwhile, you are working on so many things at once – it is going to ensure that you can also monitor your website’s performance.

6. SEO friendly – You know it is important for you to relevant and current. In this world of fast evolution, you cannot be laid back. You have to work and you have to work hard. In terms of Google – you have to use relevant keywords and there are have to be enough so that you can be easily found. I know you might be wondering whether Magento is SEO-friendly or not, amidst the many benefits that this platform has to offer – SEO friendly is yet another benefit that you can rely upon. It will help you rank better and you would be easily found. You know – you could thank me when you are successful but most importantly, you would be thanking Magento.

7. Flexibility –We all like doing our thing without being stopped; thus, we like exercising authority without being restrained by anything in this world. Do you know which platform is going to help you do so? You got it, it is Magento. It is going to help you have the time of your life because of how flexible this platform is. You can use as many features and as many designs as you want and there is no limit to how creative you want to be. From the front-end to the back-end, everything is going to work wonders because you are going to experiment with it as much as you want.

8. Integration is great – You know this is your platform – tailor-made for you when it allows you to make use of it as much as you want without any interruptions. When you are developing an eCommerce platform – you might want to put various payment gateways in place or make use of Google analytics and whatnot. Now you might be worried whether the platform you use is going to allow you to do so. Allow me to reintroduce you to Magento. The platform is going to help you be at ease without any doubt.

9. Support – Yet another important component for you to judge a service is the after-sales service that you receive. On similar lines, is the support system of Magento. No matter what issue it is that you are facing – they are going to help you resolve it so that you get back to work as quickly as possible. It is a reliable platform that offers safety, security and stability. Isn’t all that exactly what you have been looking for all this while in a platform. With the efficiency of the support staff of this efficient platform – you are going to enjoy a seamless experience that is going to allow you to go along way ahead.

Summing it up…

Thus, Magento has got a lot to offer you. It provides great flexibility and aptly meets the needs of clients. Merchants love it because of the vast number of functionalities and features, Magento provides out of the box.

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