5 Helpful Facts About Magento Open Source

06 Apr 2018

Magento is a content management system (CMS) that is designed specifically for handling e-commerce platforms. Ecommerce websites designed using Magento are better suited for scalability and offer better performance, when compared to other, both general and e-commerce specific content management systems. Along with a commercial version, Magento has been developed as an open source software ever since its inception. This means that any expert developer, who wants a Magento website design can pull the source from GitHub and make his own version, which is best suited for the client’s needs.

What Makes Magento the Best Ecommerce Platform?

The best thing about Magento Open Source in comparison to other platforms that charges businesses in the form of a compulsory subscription, while, on Magento you can get a basic but fully functional e-commerce website, complete with a backend, without any upfront cost. If you don’t have stack development expertise, then you’ll need to hire a Magento expert, but this applies to other platforms as well.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Magento falls behind on any features.

An illustration of efficient customizability achieved through Magento can be seen at Mirror Image Home’s website. Mirror Image Home is manufacturing custom-made decorative mirrors. They opted for building a site in Magento community edition which does not have a licensing fee. They offer customers the ability to login and view stock status, place orders, or create custom quotes.

There is a rich collection of extensions, themes, and partner plugins available on the Magento Marketplace, which can help you customize the user experience to the one that best suits your e-commerce model. Magento also triumphs when it comes to performance, in terms of query resolution efficiency and database handling, and optimization for low performance mobile devices.

Impacting Features of Magento Open Source

Magento allows you to define multiple customer segments, run segment specific targeted promotions, and list merchandising in line with the segmentation. It also automates linking of related products, helping in implementation of cross-selling and up-selling strategies.

The powerful visual merchandiser is there to take care of product displays and driving sales of particular “hero” products, defining categories, and implementing in-category sorting features. Magento also offers features to streamline catalog management and browsing. The development suite is complete with front-end features like multiple wishlists, gift registry, and back-end like order management, content scheduling and preview.

How does this help with your Online Business?


All these features and ease of management means that you can provide the best possible experience to your visitors, and work efficiently in catering to their demands. Magento also gives you the ability to modify your product listings according to the on-site customer behaviour, and scales with your growing business. When the right strategies are implemented with Magento, customers are greeted with an intuitive user-interface and merchandising presentation that takes ample care of their wishes.

Now that you’ve been introduced to Magento, particularly the open source version, you know which platform should your e-commerce business run on. Magento provides efficient solutions all the features that your website will ever need, and more.

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