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Palliser Interactive Designer Kiosk & Management System

Palliser Furniture, one of the largest manufacturers in the North American furniture market, sought to revolutionize the in-store experience for its customers visiting premium retail locations. Since building personalized pieces is core to their mission, they were looking to take their customers on an immersive journey through their extensive product line.

Finding a rare blend of expertise at Jola Interactive, combining 3D modeling, visual configurations services, custom application development, and Adobe Commerce solutions, they decided to partner with us to build the Palliser Interactive Designer–an in-store kiosk application to bridge the gap between in-store limitations and online potential, reshaping the retail landscape.

Key Features

Some of the key features JOLA built for Palliser include

  • Visual Configurator Interface: Integrated a cutting-edge WebGL-based 3D modelling interface for customers to explore and personalize furniture options.
  • User Management System for Kiosk & Website Integration: Employed Magento & Adobe systems, enabling store owners to analyze inquiries, manage flexible pricing, and oversee inventory across English, French, and Spanish demographics.
  • Seamlessly linked the website’s inventory with Palliser’s ERP & PIM system for synchronized updates.

Jola Custom features

Jola’s comprehensive approach not only addressed Palliser’s challenges but also significantly boosted sales, challenging the norms of traditional retail. By unifying the in-store and online realms, Jola and Palliser set a new benchmark for a seamlessly connected retail ecosystem, redefining the buyer journey and competition landscape within the industry.


Dynamic Tear Sheet Generator


3D Visual Configurator


Custom Integration


Multi-User Management


Fast Loading


360 Model Rendering

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