360 Configurator

View your product in photorealistic quality in 360
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Our Technology Works

on any device

On Any Device

Compatible with any major devices

on any browser

On Any Browser

Works on all web browsers without any plugins required

With Existing Assets

With Existing Assets

All major 3D file formats are supported

View the Product in Your House

View the Product in Your House

Android and iOS compatible for all mobile devices

Advantages of 3D Configurator

  • Ability to be displayed in High resolution such as 4k
  • Interactive - product will spin 360 and show all angles other than top and bottom
  • Photorealistic Quality
  • Ability to have movement / rotation controls - left / right / full screen, autoplay and stop

Dynamically change your product options and view their selected options in the most engaging way.

Build your item and watch it come to life, then add to a lifestyle scene.


Elevate your customer experience in real-time with the Jola 3D visual configurator.

View in AR

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