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Your new secret weapon

Here at Jola, we specialize in creating eye-catching lifestyle photographs with the use of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) that mimics the production quality of a high-end photoshoot at a fraction of the cost and resources.


Seamless Photographic Lifestyle Scenes

Virtual photography, also known as 3D product imaging, is the process of using 3D models and flat graphics to create seamless photographic lifestyle scenes with your real-world items. With our virtual photography services, you can create beautiful images in any location around the world without ever taking a photograph.


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      Traditional photography can be time-consuming while placing a strain on your budget.

      With virtual photography, you save time and money.

      The Software Behind Virtual Photography

      To bring your virtual photographs to life, we use 3DS Max,Maya and Corona Render Engine to create a scene. Virtual photography software allows us to generate hundreds of images from one single design file. There is no studio or camera required, and you’ll see a substantial ROI.

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