How to Succeed in Mobile Ecommerce with Progressive Web Applications?

01 Apr 2020

How Progressive Web Applications can help your Mobile E-commerce succeed

We are currently living in a digital era where most of our lives depend on technology and everything has moved to the digital platform. But the digital world is never static, constantly evolving at a rapid pace to constantly enhance the online experience. Progressive Web Applications are recent examples of such digital evolution on the internet.

The challenge with traditional apps

Let’s imagine a situation where you are in love with a website because of its features, products, service, or information. Now, in order to stay in touch with that website, you would download the app. But what if you realize that you don’t have enough memory on your mobile device to save all of the data? After removing a few things, you download the app and it works perfectly until you realize that you have lost your internet connection and you can no longer access the application. Is all of this really necessary when you just wanted to browse with ease? Well, this is where Progressive Web Applications come in handy.

Why are Progressive Web Applications important for your e-commerce businesses?

You may be surprised to learn that nearly 37% of online shoppers who download any given e-commerce app will delete that app within one month. What does this mean for you as an e-commerce based business owner? It means that it has become essential to create a powerful shopping experience alternative to keep shoppers returning to your website,, which can be achieved with the help of Progressive Web Applications.


A website may be perfect for your e-commerce business—until your users open it on their cell phones and find that your website is not optimized for mobile use. Many industry-leading e-commerce websites have mobile versions, significantly enhancing their users’ shopping experience. However, a few of these websites function offline and many come with lengthy loading times; and no one likes dealing with endless buffering. This is why Progressive Web Applications are vital for the future of your e-commerce platform’s mobile capabilities.

What are Progressive Web Applications all about?

Progressive Web Applications, more commonly referred to as PWA, are web applications that use the latest technology to have your e-commerce website function as a native app. You may be aware that native mobile apps offer a better user experience compared to the mobile web. Progressive Web Applications will bring together native apps and websites, replace both with a single platform, make your website faster, and let it function normally offline. An icon can be added to the home screen of smartphones providing a link to your e-commerce site as well.


How can Progressive Web Application enhance your mobile e-commerce?

When searching for something on Google, mobile speed is a very important factor for search engine ranking. If a company’s website loads fast on computers and mobile devices, then it will be ranked higher in the search result. This is why it has become important for the success of an e-commerce business to offer a seamless, reliable, experience to its users on smartphones. With the help of PWA, you can deliver all this to customers and fulfill Google’s mobile speed requirement. Furthermore, unique features like adding a linked icon to smartphone home screens and push notification functionality will keep your customers constantly engaged with your website.

Here are some key areas where your mobile eCommerce platform can gain a significant advantage if you decide to utilize PWA.

1: Speed

It doesn’t matter which type of e-commerce business you are running, the response time of your website is going to be one of the most important things for shoppers. With PWA, you can significantly enhance that response time. You may know that improved speed has been made possible by Service Workers. By using the catching feature, the browser saves all elements of your website’s layout that repeat in the template, so when you need them, the browser just posts it. This type of approach enhances the download speed and it also makes the website user-friendly.

2: Responsiveness

User experience is the heart and soul of PWA, and all the Progressive Web Applications are built with a responsive layout. A responsive site means that it will be compatible with every possible screen size. So if you choose to enhance your site with PWA, then it doesn’t matter which phone or program your customers are using in order to access the site. No matter the screen size, the site will be tailored according to the mobile device to provide your customers with a perfectly tailored website. The users will also get the power of the full-screen view, and this will enhance the site experience for the users.

3: Offline functionality

If you are working with PWA, then you need to know that both Service Worker and app cache will play a very important role. Service Worker is a program tasked with retrieving and storing the components of a site in the browser cache. If you are traveling and lose internet connectivity, PWA will offer basic navigation in the interim. This offline functionality of the advanced PWA platform will revolutionize your customer’s online shopping experience.

4: No installation

You will not need to install PWA on your mobile device. It will function just like a website, offering native app features, capabilities, and user interface. Your audience can access the site powered by PWA in their existing mobile browser and developers will find it very easy to keep your website updated.

PWA is the future of mobile e-commerce, offering the many advantages of mobile-optimized websites and mobile apps. If you are looking forward to gaining a competitive advantage, then you should contact Jola Interactive and your earliest convenience to start working with PWA!