How Product Visualization Services Can Transform Your Business?

25 Jan 2020

Every e-commerce marketer or manufacturer is ever desirous of seeing his/ her business booming. However, to stand out in the competitive environment which is continuously undergoing dynamic product designs and trends should be the ultimate aim. 

Today, product visualization services have become prominent. They are enhancing designers and businesses to make better decisions while persuading and enticing potential customers. Therefore, understanding the essential aspects of product rendering services is the foremost step towards transforming your business in this era.

What are product visualization services?

Well, in most cases, product visualization is referred to as 3D product rendering. It’s a broad combination of software and hardware technologies, showcasing a variety of imaging displays. Thus, the product visualization process utilizes prodigious amounts of analysis data to facilitate interpretation of image results in reality. 

There are two main types of product visualization:

1. The first one is white space visualization, which shows a product in a pure white background. 

2. Contextual visualization is the second type that depends on a specific visualization environment placed to display it uses. 

How Can Product Visualization Fuel Your Business Operations to Next Level

A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to running business operations. We don’t mean charts and graphical displays when we talk about product visualization. It’s that visual that communicates to customers what you are offering with little of your efforts. Undeniably, today technology has overpowered almost every domain of business – be it eCommerce, real estate, or any other sector. Product visualization is currently showing its magical influence on potential clients’ top business operations. Wondering how it’s operating? Then, read on to discover how product visualization can transform your business. Don’t forget to take notes!

1. Product Rendering Shows Product Design Variations

In 2021, there will be 2.1 billion digital buyers worldwide, up from 1.66 billion in 2016. But, nowadays customers have become pickier before purchasing any product online. This is to be confident about what they are buying. According to recent surveys done, many customers leave e-shops without buying. This is if the business is using traditional product photography. Therefore, if you want the best from product visualization, you must come up with exciting product visualization designs to skeptical customers. 

Use 360 degrees product visualization dimensions to increase purchases volume of customers visiting your sales page. With a 360 degrees view, the client can spin and rotate around the product to check design and details. Besides, you can use a variety of colors and materials on the product to increase customers’ shopping exposure. The unveiled secret of product visualization is that it develops emotional customers’ connection and trust with the product before purchasing it. 

2. Product Rendering Demonstrates Technicalities of the Product

Owing to the surge we are experiencing in the eCommerce sector, it’s mind-boggling to convince the customer for the product only by displaying high-quality pictures. What attracts them are distinguishable qualities or functionality. Thus, as a wise entrepreneur, you ought to showcase the inner structure of your product. Well, with product visualization, you can easily show every structural feature of your merchandise with fewer hassles. 

With this, the customer can carefully evaluate the item worth and make a solid purchasing decision. Guess what? Do you know product visualization is cheaper than photo-shoots? Yeah, it’s economical on completion time. You only need to provide your product prototype model to the service provider and get them after a few days.

3. You Can Make a Simple Video to Boom the Sales

Do you know you can transform your business by making an animated motion product video? Sure, but it’s through product rendering services. This is creative product interactivity that will shock many customers who will visit your sales page. This is where product images are manipulated to show all possible sides of the merchandise. Thanks to this type of rendering! It creates high customer satisfaction levels. This is because customers will spend more time on your site, watching the product functionality and characteristics videos.

4. Product Visualization Impresses Customers through CG Product Catalogs

Catalogs play a vital role in business by creating a dominant impression on clients. It helps customers make a sound decision about whether or not to buy the product. As an eCommerce marketer, you ought to know that catalog is the first thing that a customer pays attention to. So, it’s advisable to go with a pure white background as it presents the product in its real dimensions. Through CGI as a marketer, you are assured not to suffer from marketing additional cost. This is because product renderings are created digitally. If you have over 75% of computer-generated catalogs on your sales page, you are guaranteed of more customer views and sales.

5. Through Augmented Reality Product Visualization Makes the Product ‘Live’

According to research, augmented reality technology is overtaking the eCommerce industry. It can merge computer-generated images into a real-life environment. No need for a customer walking into your physical stores. It’s time to increase your business sales through augmented reality. To achieve this, you only need an AR view application. With this, the customer can easily rotate your merchandise models to understand how the product will look like in the desired setting. AR is a sure bet of enhanced sales, fewer returns, and improved business strategy.

Become an Early Adopter of Product Rendering!

Product visualizations can make your business go viral. This technology is bound to increase your business sales trends. Besides, there is no scope of uncertainty on what you are offering to customers. The transparency of product visualizations makes them confident to make purchases. Are you curious about how to outsource reliable product visualization services? Let’s discuss our explicit process of product visualization.

Precisely tell us all about your product and vision

With extensive years of experience in product architectural rendering, we understand how vital critical details on a product are crucial. We ever ensure no architectural detail is compromised. We extensively research on the most credible designs to use with unprecedented accuracy. 

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We create your product from any imaginable angle. Our architectural designs are versatile to create a product from as many aspects as required virtually. It does not matter whether you need a 360 degrees dimension. All your concerns are covered under one roof.

Deliver you a high-quality photo-realistic rendering of your product

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If you imagine it, Jola Interactive can design it with no single disappointment. Contact us today and learn how our product visualization services can take your business to the next level.