Know why virtual staging is a real game-changer in marketing real estate business?

14 Oct 2020

The introduction of the concept of virtualization has changed many different industries, and now it is proving to be a magic wand for furniture and home décor businesses. But the one sector where the popular application of virtualization like virtual staging has come up as a formidable technological advancement is real estate.

What is virtual staging?

In virtual staging through a virtual photography company, the entire interior design of the premise, apartment, bungalow, or house is created on a graphic editor rather than showing photos of the property to the client.

One of the main objectives behind virtual staging is to showcase the property to the clients in a more realistic way. In addition to being cost-effective, it is proving to be a great supplement to the old-school staging of vacant properties.

How virtual staging boosts real estate business sales?

It is a no-brainer that staging helps in enticing the buyer to purchase the product as through proper staging; Customers are able to better analyze the product. But the traditional staging through photographs limits creativity consumes time and money and is complex as well.

Virtual staging breaks the boundaries of creativity for real estate firms and allows them to showcase the property in its best shape. With better staging, customers are able to view the property as a home rather than viewing it as a house, and thus the chances of buying the property increase.

What is the difference between virtual staging and traditional staging?

In traditional staging, an expert visits the property and stages it before the real estate company lists the property for sale. The traditional home staging company offers furniture and other home décor items for making the property look better and more inviting.

While on the other side, in virtual staging through a virtual photography company, images of the property are staged on a virtual platform by adding different types of furniture and home décor items in a digital manner. It is perfect for vacant properties, and in addition to this, is also very cost-effective, less-hectic, and less time-consuming as well.

Why real estate businesses need virtual staging?

1. Users Prefer Virtual Staging Over Traditional staging

In the modern era, not only you but even the customers are aware of modern technologies, and they know that traditional staging has become a thing of the past. If you keep using the traditional staging in your real estate business, then you will be forcing customers to switch to another player in the industry, offering virtual staging through virtual photography companies.

Customers nowadays prefer to buy properties that they can inspect like they are standing on it, and virtual staging fulfils this expectation. Since modern-day customers are more informed, you need to offer them a better experience through virtual staging.

2. Reduce the cost of staging

Going for traditional staging can cost hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of dollars. In addition to this, the time required in hiring a staging company, putting up the furniture, and arranging a photography session will consume valuable time. If the property is not sold quickly, then your staging bill will keep on increasing.

But in virtual staging through a virtual photography company, a real estate business can easily fill a vacant property with digital furniture and home décor items without breaking the bank – And you will just have to pay a one-time fixed price.

3. Virtually staged property sells faster

By using virtual staging you can easily create an emotional engagement with the buyer, and thus you will be able to sell the property faster. Quality virtual staging quickly turns a house into a home, and that’s what the customer wants.

The customer is able to visualize how the property will look after putting in furniture and home décor, and thus they are able to imagine the memories they will make with the house. These are some of the main reasons why virtually staged property looks more enticing, and it sells faster.

4. Good impact and presentation

By taking advantage of the virtual staging through a virtual photography company, you can leave a good impact on the customer and make your property look more presentable. There are many options for making your property look better through virtual staging and that’s why you will have better chances of making the property look presentable.

A well-decorated property will surely leave a good impact on the mind of the customers, and this will allow you to push the property in a much better way. All that you need to do is to choose a good virtual photography company.

5. Creative freedom

When you choose traditional staging then you will always be limited to the type of furniture and home décor your staging company has. In addition to this, not every aspect of the vacant property can be changed. Sometimes, even the odd colour of the furniture can be a turn off for your customers.

But in the case of virtual staging, the real estate firm gets the creative freedom of choosing from a myriad of furniture and home décor options. Even the texture of the furniture and the painting on the front wall can be changed in order to make the property look more inviting.

Future of virtual staging

In addition to acting as a magic wand for the real estate industry, virtual staging will soon become the new normal for other product-based industries like furniture and home décor. These types of industries require a lot of investment for showcasing the product and it involves lots of cost and hassle as well. But virtual staging is giving these industries an option to showcase their product without maintaining an inventory.

In the future, virtual staging is going to be integrated with the concept of virtual reality and thus will give a more realistic and engaging experience to the customers. Everyone will be able to explore the property like they are really standing on it. Many businesses have already started giving a virtual tour of their property to the customers.

Since more and more businesses realize the potential of virtual staging, it has gained traction among most of the real estate companies. In the future, virtual staging is going to cost less, and it is going to become available for more real estate companies.

With fewer expenses, less time consumption, and better creative freedom, virtual staging is surely going to become a new normal for not only the real estate business but for all the product-based businesses.

There will come a time when traditional staging will be completely abandoned by the real estate industry and everyone will be thriving on the advantages of virtual staging. If you are looking forward to an economical and better virtual staging, then check out our world-class virtual staging service.