5 Reasons to redesign your E-commerce Website

01 Apr 2020

5 Reasons to redesign your E-commerce Website

Change and adaptation have always been necessities for a business to thrive, even more so for businesses operating in the unpredictable sphere of the internet. The online world is constantly changing, and the market landscape is continuously evolving. Even your industry alone has most likely undergone, and will probably continue to undergo, frequent structural changes, and as an e-commerce business entrepreneur, those changes may seem inconceivably complex and therefore unappealing to go along with. However, being resistant in a fluctuating world is never a good idea. It may be the case that you are currently working with an adequate version of an e-commerce website. But adequacies of yesterday are shortcomings of tomorrow; you may come to find that there are a number of improvements that could be made to your website in order to bring it up to the current standards of technology and design, and for your business to retain a relevant online presence.

Now, this may seem like, well—a lot. Worries of causing unnecessary chaos and disruptions into the day-to-day operations of your business by giving your most essential business tool—your website—a complete overhaul may seem scary. But, fear not! Jola is here to help. In the following blog post we will help you figure out whether your website needs a front-of-house and/or back-of-house makeover, the reasons for doing so, and the subsequent effects this may have on your business.

1: Increasing bounce rate

If you are running an e-commerce website, then knowing about the bounce rate is paramount. The term references the percentage of visitors that leave your website after visiting a specific page, as opposed to continuing to explore and shop. If you do not keep tabs on your bounce rate, then you have no way of knowing whether consumers are captivated by your website, frustrated with its functionality, or just landing on it by mistake. A bounce rate ranging from 26 to 40 percent is considered fantastic, 41 to 55 is average, and anything between 56 to 70 is subpar. A bounce rate above 70 percent is unsatisfactory and the respective website should be considered ineffective.

Some of the main reasons why visitors are bouncing off your website could be confusing navigation, a convoluted structure, uninspiring design, limited technological functionality, and, most likely of all, slow loading time. As a general rule of thumb, your website should load in 3 seconds. If this is not the case, then it may be time to redesign your website in order to increase speed and decrease your bounce rate. An overhaul of your platform’s design by Jola’s Magento licensed developers and experienced graphic designers will have the same effect.

2: Declining sales 

If your sales numbers are continuously going down, even during your peak season, and if you are not able to attract new customers, you may want to consider renovating your website. For many consumers, a bad user interface is a deciding factor to opt for a competing service, which could be a reason for disappointing sales figures. If this is the case, Jola will help you evaluate your sector’s top e-commerce websites to assess which special features, functionalities, and user interface are best suited to enhance your platform and to keep your competitors on their toes.

3: Lack of SEO

It doesn’t matter how much effort and time you put into designing an ideal website for your e-commerce business. If it is not Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly, then all your efforts will have been vain. You may know that ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is the key to winning traffic. But if your website has not been revised to score high on Google’s SEO standards, your website will not be awarded a prominent ranking on the SERP, and your company’s digital storefront will remain unnoticed. Each e-commerce platform offers a completely different degree of SEO that matches their market and targeted audience. Jola is here to help you figure out the degree of SEO that will suit your business. Our licensed SEO experts will diligently work through the content, security, backlinks, and many other aspects of your website in order to make it more SEO friendly.

4: The missing touch: Mobile-friendliness

In the age of the smartphone, it is highly likely that the number of people accessing your e-commerce website through mobile devices is significantly larger than those using conventional computers. This is the main reason why Google came up with the mobile-first index concept: Websites that are mobile user friendly receive better SERP rankings than those that aren’t. If your website is not optimized for mobiles, your SERP ranking is probably lower than it should be, and you are probably losing more customers than you should be.

Besides these technological reasons for revising your site to be mobile user friendly, there is the fact that accessing any non-mobilized site from your phone is pure pain. After struggling for five minutes, hopelessly zooming in and out, failing to find the navigation bar, and clicking through various links without success, the next thing your customers will do is close the tab and start browsing your competitor’s platform. Long story short, it has become completely necessary to make your website mobile-friendly.

5: Security issues

The number of cyberattacks on companies small and large, governments, and private users is drastically growing all around the globe, and e-commerce businesses are among cybercriminals’ favorite targets. In order to tackle the increasing cyber threat, you will need to provide bank-level security to your website. For example, if your website is not loading on HTTP, then many site visitors may be deterred from your website because of potential security weaknesses. Additionally, customers will be entering their payment information and their personal details in your website, which is why providing maximum security assurance for your shoppers is of the utmost importance.

These are some of the most pressing reasons for redesigning your e-commerce platform and innovating the way your website looks, functions, and performs. If any of the above-mentioned situations on your e-commerce website sound like concerns you would like to address, please feel free to contact Jola’s team. We would be happy to talk through your concerns and to devise strategies to improve your e-commerce platform with the ultimate of helping your business thrive.