Our Process

Web Development: The Anatomy of a Website

Jola Web Development
Every website has unique audience needs, we organize site content to best work for you. Understanding what clients want out of their website experience. The skeleton of a site that gives us a foundation to build the user experience. The horsepower under the hood—the complex programming that makes your website run flawlessly. Every log-in page is personalized to the site, keeping all your information just a click away: account status, order status, recent orders, even project folders and wishlists. The part making sure websites look perfect. The front end connects programming with layout for the visual experience you need. Once a perk, now a requirement. More than half of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly developed mobile site. Every day more people are surfing the web from their phone, not computers. Are you ready for that?

A great website addresses all of a customer’s needs, supports the brand, and helps grow a business. Jola knows how to interpret a customer’s every day business practices into a website that will provide customers with quick access to the information they are looking for and the products they want to buy. We take great pride in designing sites that look great and communicate a brand proposition clearly.

With more customers using mobile phones and tablets, we make sure that the website functions optimally on all devices, allowing the customer to access the website and products whenever and where ever they are. And because we build our websites in Magento, the most popular E-Commerce platform owned and supported by Ebay, clients can rest assured that their site will be best of breed. We appreciate that clients are busy running other parts of their company, so we make sure that the sites we build are easy to maintain and update, allowing our clients to focus on growing their business.

Marketing & Branding: A Body of Great Work

Jola: Marketing & Branding

The process used to develop overall copy and tone for the brand that helps to articulate the Unique Selling Proposition. Defining the intangible asset that diferentiates one product from another. The process of com- municating a value and creating relationships with customers for the purpose of selling a product or service.

Our deep experience and knowledge in the home furnishings and real estate categories has provided us with the insight to ask the right questions and deliver branding & marketing solutions for our clients to stand above their competition. Our clients depend on us to help them with their communication at every touch point, whether in a product catalog or on their website, or on the facade of a property and in a print magazine. We take care of every last detail, from naming new properties to developing fully integrated marketing programs. Jola takes great pride in the relationships we’ve cultivated over the past 10 years, and we feel privileged to be working with North America’s leading manufacturers and real estate development companies.

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